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2 Quick Facebook Tips to Gain Exposure

Not only are these awesome tips, but Jay is a great guy.  I couldn't get mine to work and he helped me out and I thought that was fabulous.  These two small things I think are huge, huge positive uses of social media.  See, look to the right of my blog, my facebook link is there for all to "like."  And if you come back you'll see me using Jay's idea of photos as well.  Thanks again, Jay - Kasey

Facebook is amazing. I've closed two transactions this year so far directly from Facebook. This week, I've picked up two new buyers directly from Facebook. Are you out there using this FREE tool?

The Fan Page (or it's proper term, just "Page") is a fun part of Facebook, and here are two easy things you can do TODAY to help increase exposure:

Facebook Fan Page on Website

1) Add the LIKE BOX to your ActiveRain blog and your website
I'm talking about that box in the column to the right of this blog >>>>> 

That's what we're going to add. (by the way, please take a minute and click LIKE over there! You won't be disappointed with the wacky and fun stuff I post! Go ahead, I'll wait for ya!)

OK, welcome back! Thanks for clicking!


Now, to add that to your site is super easy. Go to THIS LINK directly on the Facebook Developer page. It will ask you to fill in some boxes and then spits out the code for you at the bottom (wow, how cool!!) For ActiveRain, I used the value of 213 px wide to fit that side column. Be sure to check ALL of the boxes so the faces and your recent posts show up.

You can also make one, or even use the same code, for your website. This view is cool because people can instantly see what you post about and can easily LIKE your page (do they only post "open house this weekend" or "new listing in Twin Oaks" .... boring. But if you see fun stuff, you're more likely to add that to your stream and be entertained by it (that's MY goal and should be yours too).

So where do you place this code on ActiveRain? Go to your main HOME page and click on "Settings" in the left column. You can just place the code in the "Blog Description" area and there ya have it! 


2) Easily Upload Photos to your Fan Page from your Phone!
This is the main way I interact with my Fans. How many times have you been on a showing and seen something weird, funny, amazing, interesting and wish you could share it with people? Those are perfect moments to MARKET YOURSELF on your fan page (see mine over to the right? People have come up to me and actually told me they like those funny photos I post!) 


(For a 90-second video watching me set this up, SEE THE VIDEO BELOW and I'll walk you through it.... sometimes reading it just doesn't cut it, I know.)

Let's set this up so you can EMAIL your photos from your phone directly to your Fan Page wall. (note: you can "share" photos on most phones, but it will post those to your PERSONAL page, not your Fan Page. What I'm going to show you will send these specifically to your Fan Page).

-- First, you obviously have to have a Fan Page already set up. Go to that page and click "edit" in the top right corner.

-- Second, in the left column of choices, go to MOBILE.

-- Third, the top will show you the email address specific to your Fan Page. It doesn't matter what it says, no one will use it but you. (Mine has lots of random letters and numbers in it).

Copy this email and add it to your address book and name it "Facebook Fan Page." Now, when you take a fun photo, tell your phone to SHARE it via email, and type "Facebook Fan Page" to auto-fill the recipient. In the subject line, put the caption you want to go with it. Leave the body of the email blank. HIT SEND and it's now on your wall!


There's power in Facebook and I would love to hear how YOU'RE using it! Post below and share! Thanks again for all of you who have LIKED my page today!



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Not only are these awesome tips, but Jay is a great guy. I couldn't get mine to work and he helped me out and I thought that was fabulous. These two small things I think are huge, huge positive uses of social media. See, look to the right of my… more
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