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Are You A Convenient or A Quality Agent?

Sometimes consumers will choose convenience over quality.  As Real Estate Agents how can we make sure that we are BOTH the convenient and the quality choice?

I often am so busy and “on the run” that I forget or don’t feel like I have time to eat.  Also, often when I am out doing Real Estate related errands I bring my 14 month old daughter with me.  And sometimes, when I am starving, I need to grab a quick bite to eat. 

I like sandwiches, and all things equal given the choice between Quiznos and Subway, I would choose Quiznos.  However, not once, but twice over the last few weeks, out of convenience I have chosen Subway over Quiznos even though they are less than 1 mile apart.  Why?  Because I was in a hurry and because I had my daughter strapped in her car seat, and because Subway has a drive through and Quiznos does not.  That’s it. 

 Quality vs Convenience

That one single factor makes me choose a product and service that all things considered I don’t like as well. And as a result Quiznos is losing my business.

It got me to thinking about how consumers make choices.  We as real estate agents are in a service business. We help to sell someone else’s products and we strive to do our very best and to give the most quality service. 

Now, I know that choosing a Real Estate Agent isn’t at all the same as choosing a sandwich shop, but sometimes we don’t understand the rhyme or reason why consumers choose one agent over the other.

Let’s be honest, it’s not always because they have done their research on the agent and found out that this is the very best service oriented and knowledgeable agent that will fit their needs.  A lot of the times it is convenience – the agent that will show them the house the soonest.  Or the agent that is holding an open house.  Or the one that answers the phone. Or the one that calls back first. 

Do we sometimes lose business despite our quality service because we aren’t the most convenient?

How do we make sure that we are the choice for consumers?

The answer for this particular Quiznos would be to get a drive up window.  Then they would have my business every time

In what ways do you make sure you are both Convenient and Quality?  As a consumer what do you look for in an agent in terms of quality and convenience?


I wanted to make something clear upfront.  When I'm talking about being convenient for a customer or client that doesn't necessarily mean being a doormat and having our lives taken over because we have to be available 24/7.  Being convenient isn't in my opinion a derogatory thing and don't misinterpret that with an agent that will put any warm body in their car at any given time day or night to the detriment of their relationships with friends and family. But the question is, how do we have the highest level of service and still be available or "convenient"? 

Perhaps that means having an assistant so that the phone can be answered all day, every time during normal business hours regardless of if you are out with clients and your policy is to not answer the phone.  We all know that one of the biggest complaints against real estate agents is that they don't answer their phone.

Or perhaps it means having a showing agent on your team so that when you are not immediately available to show a home, you have someone else that you can have help you.

What about a QR Code, a Goomzee Text Rider or a Call Rider on a listing (or even the old fashion paper flyer) so that consumers can know the information on your listing rather than having to call you if you aren't available to answer the phone?

Or even something as simple as having a program such as Docusign or Echosign - electronic signature programs are one of the most "convenient" things I can think of that we have in the business.

These are the types of things I have in mind and I'd love other ideas. This post isn't meant to be adversarial and it certainly isn't meant to say that we have to sell our soul to real estate and have to be ready to jump at the hat and leave our other engagements or family every time a consumer wants something.  The question is how do we give that type of service and still be able to have a life ourselves as well?

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