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The Real Deal of Real Estate - Things your Real Estate Agent May Not Tell You

1)I work 365 days per year.  I wrote a post a few days ago about how I love Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter because they are my only true three days off each year.  But the truth is, I usually work in some capacity on those days too.  Remember how you called me on Saturday (and I answered my phone) to schedule an appointment for me to show you a house on Sunday (both of which were your days off)?  We looked at houses right?  Then Monday we wrote the offer, Tuesday we made sure the approval letter was sent, Wednesday we got the response, Thursday we countered, Friday we got an acceptance (Yippeee!).  By the way, remember how we met in the evenings to do the offer & counter offer because it was your time off work?  That was after a full day of me also working during "regular business hours.”  Saturday you were excited and wanted to look at “your home” again (and we did).  Sunday you didn’t call.  But someone else did. 

And guess what?  It’s ok.  I know what I’ve gotten myself into. 

2)This job is hard.  It’s not just opening the doors on a few houses and making thousands of dollars.  There is a lot to know.  The market and financing are ever changing.  I have to keep up on all of it (and I spend a lot of time doing it) to be the very best agent able to represent you.  I’m not an attorney but I have to know contracts & real estate law.  I’m not a lender but I have to know loan programs and financing.  I’m not an appraiser but I have to know how to value homes.  I have to be good with people, good with numbers, good with paperwork, good with details, good with time management, good with organization and deadlines.  I have to be good at networking, marketing & negotiating.  I often have to be a counselor (yes, it’s true) & a problem solver, and yes, the easy part……a door opener. 

3)I see the good and bad in people.   The nicest of people can turn into some of the toughest & most disloyal clients.  The harshest people have surprised me and been the greatest. 

4(A)Despite the fact that agents often try to compare themselves to doctors and lawyers, we aren’t either.  Not even close.  Let’s face it.  While I may be absolutely outstanding at being a real estate agent and representing my clients (which I am), I didn’t spent 8 years going to school for it.  I think it’s a slap in the face to doctors and lawyers who did.  We are a commission based job.  Are doctors and lawyers commission based?   We don’t work regular business hours.  Let’s not pretend we do. 

4(B)Of course doctors and lawyers don’t buy gifts for their clients after doing their job.  But, we are in the home business.  It is absolutely appropriate for us to give a closing gift.  House warming gifts are common practice for friends and family to give to someone after they purchase a home.  I don’t know about other real estate agents, but I’m friends (and sometimes family) with my clients after we have spent so much time together throughout the process.  I can safely say that my attorney and my doctors are not my friends and I don’t expect them to be.  But even if we aren't friends after the process I still think a gift is appropriate.  Remember?  We are in the home business.  Let's warm those homes that people buy from us.

4(C)What I said in #4 doesn’t mean that we are a “lesser” career.   We’re just different.

5) Buying a home is stressful.  For some people it is fun.  But for most people there is a good deal of stress involved.   Don’t be surprised or feel like you are the only one when all is said and done and it wasn’t the experience you were expecting.


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