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What Form of Communication do YOU Prefer?


What Form of Communication Do You Prefer?

Realtor Magazine published an article entitled More Americans Say" 'No Voicemail, Text Me"

I also know that there are classes out there discussing the differences between working with the older generations versus the younger generations and preferences in forms of communication being a big deal in those. 

I know for myself I prefer email.  I prefer email over text, over phone, over voice mail, pretty much over every form of communication.  Text is a good second, although I more easily forget to respond to texts if I am unable to respond immediately. 

It is an interesting discussion though, in my opinion.  Everyone had different reasons for why they prefer what they prefer. 

What about you?  Do you prefer getting a text over listening to a voice mail?  What about in normal everyday life communication.  Do you prefer face to face, email, text, Facebook, Skype, Google+ hangout, Twitter, or insert any other form of communication?  I'm interested to hear.

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Comment balloon 16 commentsKasey & John Boles • September 07 2012 01:18PM


Hi Kasey -

Great question!  I'm texting more and more.  My clients are at work, on errands etc and don't want to be bothered by a call or email.  I ask them up front how do you want to communicate over half are saying text me.  Who would have ever thought it.....  SUGGESTED

Posted by John McCormack,, Albuquerque Homes Realty (Albuquerque Homes Realty * about 6 years ago

Email is always my preferred.  For starters, I can discretly look at it when out with clients.  Secondly, I can refer back to it if there is a possibility I am misunderstanding or forgetting something.  Thirdly, my response is in writing for my client.

Posted by Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker, Bristow, VA (Long and Foster REALTORS®, Gainesville, VA) about 6 years ago

Featured in the group:  BARTENDER, MAKE IT A DOUBLE.

Posted by Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker, Bristow, VA (Long and Foster REALTORS®, Gainesville, VA) about 6 years ago

Hi John!  Thanks for suggesting it.  I, too, have noticed more and more clients wanting to text.  Being of the "younger" generations, I still took quite a while to get on the texting bandwagon - maybe 2-3 years ago I really started doing it.  Now I'm there :-)

Chris Ann, I am in complete agreement with you on email.  I also like to have everything documented, and since I have email on my phone, I check that as regularly as I can a text.  Though, I do understand that not everyone has email on their phones yet, so text is the way to go if they can't check email frequently.  Thanks for featuring me in your group! - Kasey

Posted by Kasey & John Boles, Boise & Meridian, ID Ada/Canyon/Gem/Boise Counties (Jon Gosche Real Estate, LLC - about 6 years ago

I have found it depends on the client.  I would prefer email, but will text if necessary.  Great topic.

Posted by Kathy Sheehan, Senior Loan Officer (Bay Equity, LLC 770-634-4021) about 6 years ago

Hi Kasey, email is still my preferred method, too (perhaps b/c I talk too much?) and record keeping is easy .. just move what you need to your folders & delete the rest. I don't have a record with vm other than the note I took "left vm at 4.16 pm asked/informed about ..."

However, I do think it's important to go with the flow. I've had a couple clients who only wanted to communicate via text. Not a problem, I can do that, too... and I'm getting used to respond with fewer words :-)

Posted by Andrea Bedard, M.A.; REALTOR® Silver Spring, MD and beyond (Thompson Company, REALTORS®) about 6 years ago

Kathy, it definitely does depend on the client.  Some don't even text yet!  But, most do...

Andrea, I completely agree with you.  And I'm wordy too, but have found that sometimes less is more :-)

Posted by Kasey & John Boles, Boise & Meridian, ID Ada/Canyon/Gem/Boise Counties (Jon Gosche Real Estate, LLC - about 6 years ago
I think tthat many people would be more likely to read a facebook or text message than an email. Interesting topic to consider.
Posted by Melissa Zavala, Broker, Escondido Real Estate, San Diego County (Broadpoint Properties) about 6 years ago

Kasey, I prefer a phone call, voicemail, email, then text. I often send an offer through email and then text the agent, Offer emailed. Just to cover my bases.

Posted by Tammie White, Broker, Franklin TN Homes for Sale (Franklin Homes Realty LLC) about 6 years ago

We wrote a blog post on this several months ago too, and each generation (mostly) likes something different. However, we had one couple, who were generation X's that only wanted to be contacted by FAX!

Posted by Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Cell: 631-805-4400, Long Island Condo & Home Sale Specialists (The Top Team @ Charles Rutenberg Realty 255 Executive Dr, Plainview NY 11803) about 6 years ago

Kasey,  First and foremost I prefer open and honest communication!  The method of delivery is email.  I personally do not like text. I am much slower at texting than I am typing.  The most critical reason is documentation.  Emails leave me with a trail of communication where text messages do not.  Texting is great if a client is running late and needs to communicate they are on their way and will be there in 10 minutes.  I ultimately lean toward what works best for the client.

Posted by Kathleen Daniels, San Jose Homes for Sale-Probate & Trust Specialist (KD Realty - 408.972.1822) about 6 years ago

Hi Kasey, it all depends on the buyers and sellers preference. If communication with another agent on a transaction, I would prefer email, so that I have proof for my record.

Posted by Kwee Huset, Venice Florida Homes For Sale (Kwee Huset Realty) about 6 years ago


 Great topic! I personally prefer email and I know most of the agents and staff in my office do as well. I like to sit down and respond to my emails all at once and that's my way of staying organized and making sure I get back to everyone.

Posted by Jim Brooks (The Brooks Team- Realty One Group) about 6 years ago

Really Melissa?  You think facebook has overtaken email?  Hmm...interesting.  I know a few people that is the case, but I wouldn't think that in general.  You may be right though.

Tammie, I think phone calls are still typically faster, but so many things I want in writing, it's worth it for me to email.  Or if a phone call often a follow up email.

Larry & Sheila, I am going to have to check out your blog post on the topic.

Kathleen, agreed!!  I do like text, but I don't like that I don't have the trail of communication.

Kwee, you are right, I think it does depend on buyer and seller preferences even though I still prefer email.  And certainly with other agents I like email for the record.

Jim, I agree too.  I have a great method of response for emails.  Worse for text and phone for sure.

Posted by Kasey & John Boles, Boise & Meridian, ID Ada/Canyon/Gem/Boise Counties (Jon Gosche Real Estate, LLC - about 6 years ago

Hi Kasey,  I conquer with you, email is my preferred method of communication for sure.  Text is fine once a good relationship is formed for quick questions/answers updates etc.  I save Everything that has anything to do with the transaction and its really hard for me to save those pesky text messages.  Finding out what your client wants is crucial!

Posted by John McCormack,, Albuquerque Homes Realty (Albuquerque Homes Realty * almost 6 years ago

I am glad you were featured in Bartender, Make It a Double.  This is so important to make the client comfortable, Kasey!

Posted by Ron Marshall, Birdhouse Builder Extraordinaire (Marshall Enterprises) almost 6 years ago